Elton John Was Wrong

Elton John famously sang, “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word.” I think he was wrong, at least for most people. For most grumpy-cat-no-2people, “no” is most definitely the hardest word both to hear and to say.

Elton-John-Windshield-Washer-EyewearMany of us were raised with limited permission to say no. We were taught to say no to strangers with candy, but not given permission to ever say no to parents or relatives. Predictably enough, many of us struggle with learning to say no as adults – and to hear it from others, even when the no isn’t directed at us personally. Have you ever told someone you weren’t going to apply for a particular job, or ask a particular person out, or go to a concert, only to have them ask you again and again when you were going to do precisely that? It’s as if they can’t believe we would really say no to anything!

The truth is that “no” may well be the most empowering word in the English language, and all of us would do well both to say it and hear it more often. Make it part of your spiritual practice because it really is all about self-care, and self care is always spiritual!

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