Unbecoming Charity

It’s more than a little disappointing that some charities are being critical of the ALS ice bucket challenge because more people dieenough of your bullshit each year from their issue than from ALS. I guarantee you wouldn’t feel that way if you or someone you loved had ALS. There is more than one good cause in the world, but when one good cause attacks the fund-raising of another, the first will never get any of my money – at least not through that fundraising source – because its tactics are inappropriate, petty, callous, and have absolutely nothing to do with compassion. Rather their tactics are all about childish competition and an extension of the dirty politics this country so seems to love. ALL diseases are tragic and ALL lives are precious. Nobody’s death is a “lesser evil,” and death isn’t a numbers game. Any charity that resorts to unethical techniques violates the public trust and leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth about all charities, no matter how worthy the cause they represent might be.

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