The System is Broken

Tibetan Buddhist monks, living in exile in India, have flown to Ferguson, MO to stand with the protesters. Could there be any greaterFerguson Tibetan Monks evidence that the government is on the wrong side of history in Ferguson? If you need more, I saw video of a police Captain pointing his M-16 at a news camera man and telling him if he didn’t turn off his camera he would shoot him. So much for freedom of the press, so much for an appropriate level of response, so much for any wise American’s decision to trust the police in any city, town, or village – or the Federal Government, for that matter. The President of the United States is refusing to get involved for fear of influencing the outcome of the investigation, despite the fact that surveillance camera footage from the convenience store where police allege Michael Brown stole merchandise shortly before being murdered by police show him paying for the merchandise. Of course, even if he had stolen merchandise it wouldn’t justify shooting an unarmed man. Overly aggressive police tactics continue in Ferguson despite the State Patrol allegedly being in charge of police action in the city, and now the National Guard have arrived. Things are not looking up, things are getting worse, and the violations of the civil rights of citizens continues unabated. This is precisely what happens when politicians are bought and sold on every level, and no change is in sight. These are dark days for the United States of America.

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