A Man in Uniform

I have written before in other place about spiritual garb. It can become an enormous distraction. In fact, there are some allegedlyclown suit Christian sects where the garb the clergy wear and how their altars are decorated is really all that matters to them. That such an idea is a distortion of what matters is shown by the fact that such groups are characterized by far more clergy than laity, and in some cases no actual church members at all.

It doesn’t matter what your profession is, if your uniform gets in the way of doing your job then it has to go. Nobody would recommend fire fighters wear combustible clothing, for example. In spirituality, what matters is that lives are transformed and spiritual journeys are facilitated. All the rest is really window dressing. If people can’t tell you are a spiritual leader simply by how you treat them, no amount of clothing is going to disguise that fact! Appearance is a matter of ego. Love is a matter of soul.

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