Culture of Fear

I don’t find the Law of Attraction convincing. There are simpler and better explanations for life’s events. What I have learned, misdirectionhowever, is that people who live under a culture of fear eventually do have cataclysmic things happen to them – precisely because their fear leads them to make horrific choices. The truth is that bad things will happen to all of us now and then. For some of us those things seem to happen in streaks, but if we allow ourselves to become convinced that danger lurks around every corner than we become vulnerable to every second-rate appeal to those irrational fears. I have recently watched a group of unstable people run from a solid organization, many of them because they see danger around every corner. That becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s better to be optimistic and live in love rather than fear. Of course, love requires taking chances – and that’s something fear filled people are simply unwilling to do.

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