Expect Betrayal

Be absolutely clear about one thing – never do anything for anybody that costs more than you are willing to throw away. I have betrayalboth seen it in others and experienced it directed at me. No matter how much you put yourself on the line for someone else and take a chance on them, most people forget it within twelve months. They will find reasons to rationalize their disregard, they will feel they are doing the right thing and – most humorous of all – when it happens to them they will be mystified. Doing things for other people should be regarded the same way you regard money given to a beggar on the street. Never expect anything in return and do not be believe you can control what is done with your gift. People will do what they will do, they will act out their pathologies, and it reflects only their own issues. Such actions, painful as they may be, are not yours to own. They rest with the actors. Your job is to learn from the experience and make better choices next time.

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