Personal Responsibility

To be quite honest, I have had more than enough of moral midgets who lack personal responsibility. If you are a member of theresponsibility clergy and choose to have sex with anything that sits still long enough for you to climb on top of it and the word gets out, the problem is that you can’t keep you genitals in your pants and not with the fact that the word got out. If you are an alleged leader and you only pay attention to your followers if they are sending you a lot of money and praise, then you aren’t a leader and they will find a real one – and the only one to blame is you. If every time you are less than successful you look for someone to blame anywhere other than in a mirror, you will never be successful. The only person responsible for your actions and their outcomes is you, and that means if you want your circumstances to change then you need to do the work to make that happen. Quit your whining.

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