The Spiritual Battle of the Sexes

Far be it from me to become controversial, but….

There is a great disparity in the participation of men and women in organized religion – and in disorganized religion, for that difference-between-men-and-womenmatter. There are more women who participate but more men in leadership. Programming for men, when there is any, tends to center on what we are “allowed” to do with our dicks (nothing), while programming for women is plentiful and diverse and focuses on the spiritual life. You don’t have to look too deeply to see which better prepares people for participation in spiritual community, and yet leadership tends to sit around looking mystified as to why men don’t show up. The problem is that if we kick all of the men out of leadership, as they have essentially done in places like the Metropolitan Community Church, the programming doesn’t really tend to change even though the gender of the people who choose it does change. Men aren’t very likely to sit around holding hands singing “Kumbaya,” but we aren’t so simplistic what we really want is a quarter barrel of beer and a big screen TV in the Sanctuary. Some of us need to be shown that we have spiritual needs, it’s true, but once we have that it would be good to have our unique concerns addressed – which, no matter how much some parties might want to deny it, are different from those of women.

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