In the spiritual and religious worlds, healing is a subject that has been tainted by crooks like Benny Hinn and their false claims of Benny Hinnhealing ability. While there may be some people who have a gift for accomplishing some measure of healing, you won’t find them promoting themselves in huge arenas and emptying the wallets of the poor sick people who come hoping against hope for a cure. The fact is that our bodies are pretty amazing healing machines all by themselves. It’s also a fact that, as the Buddha rightly pointed out, we are of the nature to age, get sick, and eventually die. While it’s wonderful to do all we can to improve our health and quality of life, there is nothing to be gained by being in denial of the truth pointed out by the Buddha. It helps us to avoid the very harmful idea that getting sick is some kind of punishment for bad behavior. It isn’t, it’s just part of life. Live it to the fullest!

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