Turn It Off

Stop, right now, and listen. What noise-generating devices are running where you are right now? How many of them can you turn off?Annoying-noise-001 Obviously, if you are at work you don’t have much control over what devices are running, but when you get home you can do this exercise. Try turning off the television, the radio, and as many other noise generators as possible. How does it feel? Do you feel uncomfortable, like you want to run and jump out of your skin? If that’s the case, you clearly have some work to do in identifying what you are avoiding by importing as much distraction into your life as you possibly can. Try taking noise vacations. Decide to leave the radio off in your car and see what arises. It may be nothing, you may just need a little detox from over stimulation. On the other hand, you may need the help of addressing some issues that you are distracting yourself from with all of that noise. When it’s done you will lead a much calmer life with room for positive influences instead of hiding in a kind of emotional witness protection program. You will be amazed at the difference!

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