Circumstances Conspire

It seems that every so often circumstances conspire to move me to do things that I probably should have done long ago. That serendipity-framehappened again with the departure of some Milwaukee area colleagues from the Universal Anglican Church, which meant that we had to make some changes in our occupancy in our current location. My now departed colleagues used our primary office space in that center for their business, which meant that my ministry rented other space in the same location on a per use basis, albeit at a discounted rate. The problem with a per use rental is that it actually discourages new ventures because new ventures mean increased costs without promise of increased revenue to cover the cost. That leads the prudent minister to ask questions about risk vs. return that I never wanted to have to ask. Now I don’t, because effective July 1st we will have dedicated space from which to serve the Greater Milwaukee area! Watch for our new address and other announcements in the near future!

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