Willfull Stupidity

There is a faction within Christian fundamentalism that is quite simply unwilling to consider the findings of science, particular regardingjesusdino things like climate change, the age of the earth, and cosmology. Some well intended people believe that progressive Christians need to engage our less informed brothers and sisters about the inadvisability of things like willfully polluting the earth to hasten Christ’s second coming. I disagree for two reasons. The first is that we are hardly brothers and sisters with these people. They have in fact become apostate regarding Christianity and started a completely different religion that has kept the name but abandoned anything having to do with Jesus outside of seeing him as a get out of hell free card. There simply is no common ground from which to have the discussion. The second reason is that you can’t have a discussion with people whose belief system is completely out of touch with reality and based instead in fear, fancy, and fantasy. We all would do better to ignore them, leaving them to invent useless things like creation science while the rest of us move forward with what is best for our planet rather than waiting for a consensus that simply isn’t going to come.

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