Until you can show me…

Until you can show me a “functional family,” stop bitching about your dysfunctional family and get your own shit in order. Beyond a dysfunctional family rulescertain age, say 18, nobody wants to hear your excuses. Your time would be better spent getting your own house in order so that your own kids don’t turn out to be boorish ingrates like you are.

Oh, and if you think I am writing specifically about you, please refer to yesterday’s post because I don’t want to hear about it. If you still think I am writing about you, please refer to paragraph #1 from today’s post.

Sometimes I think I could make a lot of money by charging for support groups for people who only want to complain about the past but who have no interest in actually changing their circumstances for the better. Then I realize that, sooner or later, they’d start blaming me for their problems and I realize it’s just not worth it. Unless I charged a lot of money and gave them a reason to complain…

2 thoughts on “Until you can show me…

  1. It would seem after your postings today and yesterday that someone(s) have kinda pissed you off. That sucks and for cryin out loud dude……..CHEER UP!! 😉

    1. Not really. I write about what I see, and sometimes I write with more passion about things that I see impacting a larger number of people – or if I think that’s needed to get my point across to the folks in question. If I’m feeling angry I generally avoid writing about it until I have processed the feelings a bit and can be sure I won’t write something I later regret.

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