Perpetual Restlessness and Wanderlust

We all know people who are perpetually restless. Many of them are convinced if they just solved some sort of magic puzzle, found thewanderlust2 right job, or the right partner, or lived in the right city that everything would be fine. Then they move, or change jobs, or get a new partner, and nothing changes. Sometimes the cycle repeats itself many times without resolution. Why? The reason may well be that the person is running from something they will never evade – themselves. They are plagued by something they need to take a look at in their lives, but that prospect so terrifies their subconscious that they cannot bear to sit still long enough to fact it. Running doesn’t make it go away, but what it may do is create enough chaos in their lives that they can find an almost endless supply of things to blame their restlessness on and so avoid the problem – until something big happens. Maybe they break a leg, lose their job and can’t afford to move, or worst of all get a serious illness. There’s no running away in a hospital bed, but why waste all those years running until you have no choice. Look at your behavior with honesty, and if you are being avoidant then change your behavior now.

2 thoughts on “Perpetual Restlessness and Wanderlust

  1. i dont know why, but i always feel this need to just walk out from wherever i am. if i am at work, i wanna leave the building as much as i can or stare out the window. same as in school, or even when with friends, even if we are in the house or at some place, i just wanna walk out. at first i thought it might be adhd or something but i think it is just some lack of commitment or avoidance of responsibility, or fear of stress, that just pushes me away from whatever it is that requires my attention….

    1. That’s very interesting, and I am sorry you are having these problems. I guess the next question would be to ask yourself how much these impulses interfere with your day to day life. If the answer to that is “quite a bit,” perhaps a medical check up followed by some therapy if nothing is found would be helpful. I wish you all th e best!

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