Timing as Excuse

Have you ever known someone with whom you had to have a difficult discussion and who avoided it by claiming it was never the right time to havehead in sand the discussion? It’s a strategy a lot of addicts, as well as people trying to avoid needed change, tend to use. They try to blame us for expressing our concern and bringing up the topic by suggesting we are insensitive for doing so at that particular moment. There are a couple of things to remember in situations like this. The first is that we can’t be insensitive if we were unaware of the circumstances in question. The second is that if the person we are trying to have our discussion with is consistently complaining about our timing, what’s really going on is that they are being avoidant. Don’t let them get away with it for long if the issue is important. After one or two attempts to avoid the issue by complaining about your timing, it’s important to nicely, but firmly, suggest that there may never be a perfect time and so the conversation may as well happen now.

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