Enlightenment on the Toilet?

Regular-Bowel-MovementThere are a whole lot of contemporary spiritual “teachers” who portray enlightenment as something that can be obtained with minimal effort in minimal time. All you have to do is think the right thought, or have the right attitude, or just decide you want to and “plop!” enlightenment falls upon you in the midst of a bowel movement. That may sell a lot of books to a lot of spiritually lazy people, but it isn’t going to lead to any kind of significant transformation.

Perhaps more importantly, such “teachings” reflect the truth that the “teachers” don’t have the first clue what they are talking about and are just trying to turn a quick buck. Sadly, there are more than enough people in search of a short cut willing to buy books, CDs, and DVDs promising enlightenment by the time the last page is turned or track listened to. Maybe if they forced them to print their books on toilet paper people would catch on, but probably not. Something in the shadow side of human nature will always try to get something for nothing, no matter how many times they have been burned in the attempt. Pass the jalapenos!

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