No matter how young you are today, you will be older tomorrow. It is perhaps the one common factor of human existence beyondJoan Rivers eating and eliminating waste. If you aren’t aging, you have real problems – which is ironic given our culture’s fascination with finding ways to appear as if we aren’t aging! No matter how often you go to the gym or the plastic surgeon; no matter how many expensive cremes, lotions, or potions you might buy; and no matter how much you change your diet you will be one day older tomorrow. It seems we have only a few choices in response to that reality. We can deny it, and end up looking pretty ridiculous, or we can learn to cope with reality a little better. In fact, we might just band together to help our society learn to appreciate the wisdom that comes with aging once again. It’s an appreciation and a knowledge source that has been all but lost. It’s time! Of course, if you look like some kind of clown it is going to be pretty hard to get anyone to take you seriously.

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