Christian Hypocrisy – Definitely NOT an Oxymoron

girl christian school boyThis is eight year old Sunnie Kahle, a former student at Timberlake Christian School in Virginia. Sunnie has been raised by her grandparents and attended Timberlake until recently. Her grandparents removed her from this school [sic] after receiving a letter from the school principal.

“You’re probably aware that Timberlake Christian School is a religious, Bible believing institution providing education in a distinctly Christian environment,” the letter read.

According to WSET, the letter “goes on to say that students have been confused about whether Sunnie is a boy or girl and specifies that administrators can refuse enrollment for condoning sexual immorality, practicing a homosexual lifestyle or alternative gender identity.”

An administrator at Timberlake told WSET that the problems go “far beyond [Kahle’s] hair length” and that certain “things disturbed the classroom environment.”

joyce meyer

Ted Haggard Butt magazineI certainly can understand that. I mean, all you have to do is take a look around at reputable Christian teachers and leaders and you will see that every least one of them conforms to traditional images of what it is to be male and female. And, after all, Jesus clearly said that it’s what on the outside that counts, not a person’s heart, right? And didn’t he also say, “love your neighbor as long as he or she conforms to your stiff-assed, white, homophobic idea of what a man, woman, boy, or girl should be? Why, we can’t have people getting the idea that Christian leaders aren’t gender normative – what would happen then? The whole thing would fall apart faster than you can say “Joyce Meyer,” and “mammoth testicles,” or “Ted Haggard,” and “confused.”

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