Comfort Equals Death

There is something about human beings that tends to seek comfort, despite the fact that we have seen friends and family become toospiritual growth mousepad comfortable and so stop growing. Equilibrium is the death of the spirit, because it requires us to stop learning, stop growing, and stop changing – despite the fact that every living thing learns, grows, and changes or else it dies! It’s a kind of exchange of living for comfort and it’s never a fair trade. That’s why religions and spirituality that encourages us to become comfortable must be either insubstantial or a lie. Authentic spirituality always leads to challenges and growth, what has been called a conversion of the heart. Anything less isn’t worth our time. Comfort and certainty walk hand in hand to take us off the spiritual path – hence the appeal of the Mega-church movement that asks nothing of attendees other than their cash and so never leads to personal transformation. The less popular religions are less popular because they actually require an investment of ourselves – but the rewards are incredible!

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