We need to establish priorities in our lives so that we make decisions that are in accord with our values and that we will be happy with ghandi-action-expresses-prioritiesafter the fact. If our children come first, then we will want to make decisions establish priorities according to their needs. If a friend wants us to go our drinking with him, but it is the evening of our child’s school play, they we don’t go out drinking. If our children need clothes, we don’t go clothes shopping for ourselves until we have taken care of their needs. I see way too many parents today who haven’t grown up enough to be making the right choices for their children. They can’t even seem to put their phone down long enough to listen to their children! They still believe their needs come first, and that is a kind of neglect. I know of one single parent who thinks it’s more important to have cigarettes and beer in the house than food – which would be her right if she didn’t have a toddler at home, but since she does it’s child neglect. There are a lot of parents out their with a lot of growing up to do.

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