Chronic Pain

One hundred sixteen million Americans have chronic pain conditions. That’s more than third of Americans, but you would never know it chronic painfrom the attention paid to chronic pain in the media or the public discourse. Chronic pain impacts every aspect of a person’s life, but since it is an invisible condition – there are no external signs of chronic pain – many chronic pain patients are accused of malingering or drug seeking. The result is that chronic pain is exacerbated by the ignorance of others and under treated by a medical system obsessed with the relatively smaller percentage of Americans who abuse prescription medications (the highest rate is 5.9% among twenty-somethings). Because chronic pain isn’t a sexy condition, research into more effective and non-addictive methods of pain control isn’t a high priority, but it needs to be because of the impact on the lives of both the patients and their families. With medical providers engaged in a moral crusade to stop the relatively small number of drug abuses from accessing medication, the treatment outlook for pain patients is not very good.

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