Judgment (Daily Teaching for 2/5/14)

I saw a story online the other day about a young woman who is an artist and had posted pictures of herself to her website. She’s a cute young lady who looks pretty much what I would expect a young artist to look like. Not too many artists dress in business attire or have power hair styles, after all, something that I always thought was part of the appeal of going into the arts. She has been re-posting the pictures with the absolutely vicious comments that were made the first time she posted them included as part of the picture itself. People are unbelievably mean-spirited, and it reflects the fact that they are so profoundly unhappy with themselves that they cannot even look at their own stuff and instead need to project it onto others. If your first reaction to something is to judge it and lash out, it’s time to take a look at how you feel about yourself and go to work on it!

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