Weekly Teaching for Monday, August 26th

Western thought is very dualistic and wastes a lot of time on false distinctions such as good and bad people, worthy and unworthy people, wise and unwise people – as if anyone intentionally makes bad choices when better ones are available to them! At the fundamental level, we all want the same things. We want our families to be safe, fed, clothed, and sheltered and our children to have a good life. I am convinced the key to working toward a better world is choosing to focus on the things we hold in common rather than on our differences so that we might build relationship where division now exists. Don’t let anyone convince you that the person who lives down the street, or in the next neighborhood over, or across town, or even across the world wants anything other than the same essential things you do. Once you begin to understand that, dismissing anyone as “the other” becomes impossible.

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