Daily Teaching for Friday, June 21st

Many of the traditional Christian responses to suffering are simply inadequate because they blame the victim and simply don’t work. Telling someone who is unemployed and can’t feed their children to give it to Jesus might be traditional, but what it says to the person hearing it is, “I don’t really want to hear your problems, they must be your fault.” We need to do better.

One thought on “Daily Teaching for Friday, June 21st

  1. You just answered your own question. Why are people leaving institutional religion? When you don’t have a job, can barely feed the kids, buy gas for the car or pay the mortgage and the church wants you to tithe, what do you do? You stop going to church, thats what. Its not that they don’t believe or aren’t spiritual, they just can’t afford it. The fact is that once people leave, they don’t come back.

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