Credo, a First Draft

I believe in God,
Present from the beginning,
Beyond defining but within understanding,
Spirit not embodied,
Without gender,
Responsive not autocratic,
Without ego or it's needs,
Creating not destroying,
Accepting not judging,
Prodding not compelling,
Liberating not confining,
Uniting not dividing,
Loving all without exception,
Life giving not life denying,
Universal not tribal,
Existing in and beyond all traditions,
Dwelling in and around everything and everybody.

I believe in a world
For which we are responsible.
We are called to protect and preserve
Our environment and all sentient beings.
Nothing is disposable,
Nothing is insignificant.
Faith compels us to look outside ourselves
And become agents of healing for all we encounter.

I believe in Spirit
Present among us as
The still, small voice within.
Calling to us from the depths
Of spiritual practice,
Slowing us down
And lifting us up
Beyond our self-imposed limitations
Into the fullness of who we will become.

2 thoughts on “Credo, a First Draft

  1. Hi Craig,

    I shared this with my bestest friend in CA (reformed Roman Catholic-actually was headed for the convent but revoked that ambition after she met me at the age of 13…………….hmmmmmmm……..bad influence or??????????) ANYWAY, she suggested using the word ‘invited’ instead of ‘prodding’, if applicable to your meaning behind the wordage.

    Also-looks like I won’t see you this weekend either. Kurt reminded me that we are going up north to my dad’s to celebrate a friends daughter’s graduation-well-to see my Pops also of course. MANNNNN-I swear I’m not avoiding anything-I miss everything!!!!! Did you record the ‘message’ from the week(s) I missed so that I could at least ‘keep up’?

    thanks and *[?]HAPPY ANNIVERSARY*[?] [?]again.please pass on to Erin kimberlyn

    On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 11:15 AM, Bishop Craig

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