Daily Teaching for Tuesday, April 23rd

If we are to develop a mature spirituality we are going to have to come to see that there is something of value in every spiritual tradition. At the same time we must be unafraid to name aspects of any tradition, including our own, that are life denying as evil.

3 thoughts on “Daily Teaching for Tuesday, April 23rd

    1. One of my favorite ways to determine whether or not a particular idea is wise or not it to ask if it is live giving or life denying – a distinction that might not be as easy as it first appears. Life giving practices, concepts, rules, and so on are ones that promote fullness of life. Strange as it may seem on first glance, affording someone who is dying access to hospice care is life giving because it allows them to transition with dignity and relative comfort. Radical inclusion of all people in all corners of life is life giving, whereas discrimination and exclusion are life denying because they minimize and victimize people. So, for example, I would say that while everyone has the right to believe whatever they like I also feel I have a responsibility to speak out against groups like Westboro Baptist and their hate rhetoric. Everyone has the right to believe whatever they like, but if they decide their practices ought to include child sacrifice then I have the responsibility to stop them.

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