Daily Teaching for Thursday, January 3rd

Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman is a perfect example of what happens when stupid people elect stupid people to public office. In addition to his recent call to “slap down” Kwanzaa, this is a man who called protesters in the State Capitol of Wisconsin “slobs,” who introduced a bill to define single mothers as child abusers, sponsored a law making it harder to enforce laws that ensure women receive equal pay for equal work, refuses to consider raising the minimum wage, introduced legislation stripping veterans of their right to sue the government, introduced legislation eliminating the requirement for cities to disinfect ground water, supports tax cuts for the wealthy whether or not such cuts create jobs, says women are paid less “because money is more important for men,” and is a confirmed, life-long bachelor. Hmmmmm. Thank God I don’t reside in Washington County, the district he represents. I would have to move  immediately just to avoid the stench.

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