Daily Teaching for Saturday, November 24th

Four day holiday weekends are always an opportunity t remember those who work while others rest and sleep. For many of us, a holiday weekend is a given while for others, there are no holiday weekends. Ironically, many of us have less regard for those who work while we play and in doing so make our fun possible. Let’s do our part to change that by thanking those who make our holiday weekends possible.

One thought on “Daily Teaching for Saturday, November 24th

  1. My father worked in a radio station when I was a kid. Everyone wanted Christmas music to open presents by. The guy that was spinning the “stacks and stacks or your favorite wax” was my father and others who kept the signal going out. I don’t remember our ever having a whole Thanksgiving or Christmas where we were together the entire day. I imagine there were some but the norm was opening presents at 3 am because, as a child, I could never have waited for Santa until Dad got home.

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