Daily Teaching for Saturday, November 3rd

In the end, all the predictions and prognostications about the presidential election – or anything else, for that matter – have absolutely no impact on the outcome. No matter what this or that political hack believes, the outcome of the election – and everything else in life – is what it is. Our job is to do our best, and then do our best to cope with the outcome. The danger in all of this is that election cycles drag on for so long, they distract us from what we really should be concerned about – lifting each other up.


  1. Dr. Steve McSwain

    I love what you’re doing Bishop Craig. I really love it. I wish you well and support your cause. Blessings my friend. I’d love to come share in your church sometime. I have a talk I give across the country I entitle “Things I’ve Learned from Jesus, the Buddha, Lao-Tzu and a Host of Other Spiritual Masters: Insights from an Enlightened (and Recovering) Former Baptist Minister.”

  2. Bishop Craig

    Thank you! I appreciate your kind words and support. Let’s definitely talk about having you come in for our General Assembly next October here in Milwaukee!

    • DrSteveMcSwain

      I would love to come. Call me next week and let’s talk about it.


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