Changes at the Blog!

As you have probably already noticed, my blog has been renamed “Bishop Craig.” There are a few reasons for the change. One is that I am trying to combine websites – I have several websites I need to maintain, and maintaining websites is not one of my favorite things to do! I made the decision to combine several of them by the end of the year so that I only have three to watch. The first move I am making is to fully integrate the site I have been using for my Wedding and Baptism ministry with this site, which will remain my primary site. In that world, I am known as Bishop Craig – in fact I am rather broadly branded as Bishop Craig. Over time I will begin phasing out some of the other domain names associated with this site, but and will remain, as will

The second announcement is that I am committed to finishing the rewrite of my book by January 1, 2013. The working title has been “Journey Toward Awakening,” but that will likely not be the publishing title. In order to be able to accomplish that task, I am reducing my full blog posts to three days a week. I will publish on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My Daily Teaching posts will continue seven days a week.

I want each of you to know how much I value you sharing your time with me in this format! After my book is published, I will be visiting cities around the country to promote it. I will announce the cities I will be appearing in as the dates are set. If you would like me to come to your town, please feel free to email me at and we will do our best to make it happen!

Peace, Blessings, and All Good,


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