Daily Teaching for Saturday, August 18th

Tom Petty famously sang, “The waiting is the hardest part.” I suspect he was correct, but I would like to suggest an alternate version that may in the end be saying the same thing: “The not knowing is the hardest part.” If you have ever had to wait for an answer to some important question in your life and found that the worst part was the uncertainty, and that  after a while a negative answer seems more appealing than no answer at all, you have experienced the kind of thing I am referring to. Waiting for your favorite meal is one thing. Waiting for a meal of uncertain quality is somehow different! Who wants to wait three hours for a dry cheese sandwich? Waiting for an uncertain diagnosis can be the hardest waiting of all. At times when we are caught waiting, it can be quite helpful to occasionally get involved in a good distraction if possible. It’s also important to look inside and see where in our body our discomfort resides. Where am I feeling this uncertainty, this impatience, this fear? Then open your heart to yourself, be kind and gentle, offering your spirit and your fear the caress and support it needs.

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