Daily Teaching for Thursday, August 16th

Given a choice between being compliant with religious rules and devotional piety and helping another human being, the spiritual choice is always helping a human being. For a long time the Church has tried to convince people that their “obligation” to go to Church was more important that anything else. That is perhaps the biggest pile of self-serving nonsense ever perpetrated on good and faithful people. God dwells in everything and everybody, so serving your neighbor is serving God. Showing up inside a building to empty your wallets out of obligation rather than generosity serves an institution, not God.

One thought on “Daily Teaching for Thursday, August 16th

  1. I, again, cannot begin to agree with you more. My boyfriend and I do laundry on Sundays for a group of churches that provide homeless people temporary shelter, meals,and assistance with helping displaced families get back on their feet. We are not personally affiliated with any of these churches because, frankly, “church” does not appeal to us. We do however find great joy and satisfaction with giving back however we can. The company we work for does a lot of charity work as well, and we volunteer whenever there is an opportunity. Having said that, my boyfriend’s family gives us copious amounts of flack for doing this when we could be…in church. What? Not as if it would matter, but I could maybe (emphasis on maybe) see if the groups we worked with weren’t church centric, but they are. How could planting our keisters on a pew service God better than going out and helping those who need a soft place to land? The “service” begins when the “meeting” ends.

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