There are changes afoot at Bishop Craig Ministries. Our technology department has been in the process of searching for better outlets for our podcasts and other programming.

After a period of reflection I had decided, against my better judgment, to discontinue our podcast through PodOMatic and become a premium host with Blog Talk Radio (BTR). We had been a free host on BTR, which meant we were limited to thirty minute programs outside of prime time, which for them is 7pm-11pm local time. It was my desire to follow-up on a successful appearance on a syndicated radio program with a more prominent presence on BTR. However, it didn’t take long for my concerns about the technology for the smaller hosts at BTR to raise their ugly heads, and during our first prime time program on Monday both our Skype and BTR connections crashed. It’s my suspicion that the highest level of premium hosts on BTR, who pay almost one thousand dollars a month to broadcast, get the lion’s share of the technology – as well they should. What’s left over is, in my opinion, simply not good enough.

There are many advantages to the podcast format, not the least of which is that programs are pre-recorded and not dependent on Skype or any other technology. We had moved to PodOMatic about a year ago because of cost concerns. We learned over the past year that, because of hidden costs, we hadn’t saved anything by moving. In fact, our costs were going to go up despite the fact that we weren’t using the service as much in an attempt to control costs. It seems the grass really isn’t greener on the other side of the fence.

Given the failure of BTR to meet our needs, I had to make some decisions this week and determine what my priorities are. First and foremost, I am a spiritual teacher with a message that resonates with people. Hosting a high quality call-in show requires staff that I don’t have, including a producer and someone to screen calls. More importantly, I don’t really have a desire to do that kind of program on a scale that I would be happy with. This format, the blog, does a very good job of getting my message out. When paired with a podcast, I can present a formidable yet flexible package. The podcast allows me to continue the Sunday Morning Commentaries and a weekly topical program on Wednesdays. It also affords the opportunity to upload talks and other special events when they arise, including the monthly Compassionate Heart (formerly Christ Enlight) talks here in Milwaukee and, beginning in September, the talks from our Contemplative Heart Meditation Community.

So, I am pleased to announce we have returned to our original podcast host, Libsyn.com. Our page there is BishopCraig.libsyn.com, and our podcasts will be available on Itunes in ten to fourteen days. We will be discontinuing all of our programming on BTR effective immediately. Links to our podcast will also appear in the right hand column of our blog.

I want to thank all of you for your patience during this transition! As always, your feedback and suggestions are welcome!


  1. Knowing the problems you encountered while trying to record your Sunday podcast, AND listening to it, I was dismayed at the technical issues. Totally understand your reasons for this-good choice my friend, i enjoy listening to these during work hours. (while doing the ‘easy’ tasks OF COURSE!!) Peace

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