Social Responsibility

I have had just about enough of the seemingly endless list of ignoramuses who actually believe they function independently and have never received any help from society. These fools then use their delusions of independence to argue against the social safety net from food stamps to medicare. Let’s just set the record straight once and for all.

What Elizabeth Warren has pointed out about companies is true for individual Americans as well. Each and every one of us has been educated – most of us in public schools. We have patronized public parks, transportation, libraries, museums, and zoos. We have used an infrastructure that everyone contributed to build: streets and highways; water works and public utilities; police, fire, and trash collection; and dozens of other services we all cooperated to build at taxpayer expense – and I don’t hear anyone complaining about the fact that they were able to take advantage of those systems when needed. Now, however, we seem to be inundated with people who are either too stupid to understand that simple truth or too greedy and evil to admit they understand it.

You see the truth is that we all benefit from living in society and that only a very few of us could survive for very long living as hermits fending for ourselves. The safety net serves as an insurance policy of sorts and recognizes that while you and I may be perfectly capable of supporting ourselves today, tomorrow could bring an unforeseen illness or accident that would take us from being supporters of the safety net to landing in the middle of it. Only a child or a fool living in a voluntary state of profound denial believes that they are impervious to danger of either a physical, emotional, or economic nature.

We have absolute idiots in public office who have an understanding of their faith just slightly poorer than a retarded chimpanzee running around advocating for failing to care for the least of these in the name of Jesus, for Christ’s sake! They would abandon Medicare and Medicaid, eliminate assistance to the poor, and remove the safety net completely so that corporations could run roughshod over human beings. Perhaps worse yet is the fact that the Roman Catholic bishops, who know Paul Ryan is distorting and perverting the teachings of their Church, have not spoken out to correct those distortions. There is an outside chance I could forgive the bishops for not speaking out if they were at least consistent in not speaking out – but it seems that they can’t stop speaking out about their Church’s antiquated teachings on birth control, human sexuality, and abortion.

It wasn’t just Ryan the bishops didn’t speak out about. They also didn’t seem to have any objection to Rick Santorum – whose last name, incidentally, is listed in The Urban Dictionary in retribution for his vindictive positions one sexual orientation – actually saying that rape isn’t all that bad. Then again, misogyny has been the official position of the Catholic Church for two thousand years. Still, I find it a little ironic that morality in this country seems to have descended to a lowest common denominator concerned only with what people do with their genitals – and the purveyor of that morality is the Church in its many forms!

Our society seems hell-bent on finding people they can classify as undeserving of even the basic necessities of life, perhaps because some of us believe that there may soon not be enough to go around. That will become a self-fulfilling prophecy if our greed continues unabated. We can be sure of one thing – if and when there isn’t enough, the people in this country who will be holding the keys to whatever is left will not be the poor, who seem to be the favorite scapegoat currently, but rather corporate America which has now  succeeded in getting itself declared a person, proving the corruption of even the Supreme Court. That should scare the hell out of everyone, because people hiding behind the mask of group identity – whether national or corporate – are capable of unspeakable atrocities. If you don’t believe me, consider Nazi Germany.

The truth is, the greedy are manipulating the stupid and together they are running the show in America. What’s being missed by these reckless opportunists is that you can only push people so far, you can only attempt to turn back the clock for so long, you can only attempt to remove the right to vote from the poor and minorities so many times before you are confronted with violent reprisals. Is anyone really stupid enough to believe that when a father is told he can’t have the food or medicine his children need to survive because the greedy forbid it that he will not use any means necessary to secure it? When the elderly are living in the streets, sick and hungry, do we really not understand that they will come looking for those who are responsible?

And if you have been taken in by and supported these evil and greedy people because of your unique blend of stupidity and greed, do you not understand they will come looking for you, too, because the oppressed eventually confront their oppressors, most often with dire consequences for the oppressors? If not, you soon may.

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