2 thoughts on “Daily Teaching for Monday, July 2nd

    1. I do indeed realize that they don’t necessarily object to evangelism. Many, however, object to religion – and I would argue that atheism is indeed a religion for it has many of the (healthy and unhealthy) components: A higher power in science; a set of doctrine and dogma that define their beliefs, although it is a broad field; and the desire to convert others to their own point of view and get them to join through evangelism.

      Now, I have no objection to atheism. If someone wants to be an atheist, I say be the best atheist you can be. I do however find the tendency of some atheists to decry religion a bit contradictory, given that atheism shares many of the characteristics of the branch of religion they argue against most often – evangelical Christianity. In fact, the great weakness of the writings of the new atheists, is that they assume Christianity to be a monolithic belief – again, evangelical Christianity. There is no acknowledgment that for many if not most people who identify as Christian God is not an interventionist old white guy with a beard, to cite just one example.

      In fact, I would argue that there are even atheist fundamentalists. I have encountered my share of atheists who are not interested in an honest conversation aimed not at conversion but at increased understanding. One such atheist responded to a post of mine in which I suggested that religious people and atheists would do well to learn to talk to one another to increase mutual understanding that we might learn to work together to address the problems of the world by commenting that atheists don’t have to talk to anybody – a comment that reflects an isolationist fundamentalist perspective that would make the most conservative fundamentalist evangelical proud.

      My point is that the world is becoming smaller by the minute, and we have more than our share of problems. My question is, can we be who we are and allow everyone else to do the same so that we can address the real issues of today, or are we doomed to each sit in our own little corner throwing stones at one another while suffering, environmental degradation, poverty, war, and disease continue to destroy us?

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