Sorry, It’s Not All About You

I have written, and uploaded a podcast, in the last several weeks about my disenchantment with the professional gays.  I define professional gays as members of the LGBT community whose profession is LGBT activism. I have said that many professional gays develop a distorted perspective over time, and in fact often create crises over non-issues. Why do they do this? Well, partly because activists need crises to remain employed and to continue raising funds. Professional gays aren’t the only activists who do this, of course but it is precisely this behavior – no matter the source – that causes me to remove myself from mailing lists of all sorts of organizations. My life is not filled with crises, and I have no desire for  that to change. There are more than enough legitimate crises in the world without people inventing some. In fact, the invention of crises reflects more than a little narcissism and entitlement. So, you can imagine how I felt when I found this in my email inbox the other day:

Dear Friends,

I was making a personal donation to Barack Obama’s campaign recently and as any good theme park does, it ends by putting you into the gift shop/store. I noticed Environmentalists & Nurses for Barack but NOT ONE ITEM IN HIS STORE FOR LGBT.  I find that surprising and am almost insulted by it. Really?

So I emailed them and below is their reply…”no lgbt items”.

Do you have any contacts to talk to about this?

The response this individual received the following response to his email to the Obama people, which he attached to the above email that I received:

Thank you for contacting us today. Unfortunately at this time there are no lgbt items but you can view all of our items available for donation at the webstore. Please visit

Thank you,

Obama for America
Customer Service

I went to the store myself to check it out for myself, and you will never guess what I discovered there! There is not one item for heterosexual people in the Obama store! I was scandalized! The only merchandise they have in that store is for people! Plain old people! Not straight people or gay people or any other special interest – just people. The nerve of that store! They offer items without regard to whom a customer might be sexually attracted. Those bastards! Why, they even have items for people who aren’t really attracted to anyone at all!

The nerve of some people!

There’s a word for people who always feel as if there has to be something special just for them: entitled. Entitled people need to get over themselves. I am all for equality, I am all for inclusion, but if people want a cookie they are going to have to drive their own selves to the bakery and buy one for themselves – and it’s going to be the same damn cookie the rest of us have to buy.

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