Daily Teaching for Monday, April 30th

One of the greatest temptations in the spiritual life is to do whatever we can to avoid going deeply into any one tradition. Sometimes, whole denominations have been created to offer people the opportunity to be spiritual jacks of all trades and masters of none. The truth is that no tradition can transform us unless we are willing to plumb its depths.

3 thoughts on “Daily Teaching for Monday, April 30th

    1. Well, I think sometimes we over-estimate what it means to plumb the depths of a tradition. If we have been honestly engaged in a tradition for five years, we understand what it’s all about. What motivated the post was an experience I had a while ago in a church of unspecified denomination where the preacher had to use so many different names for God, including God, the Divine, the Universe, the Transcendent, and so on, that she couldn’t actually say anything. In those cases, and I served a church like that years ago where the issue was gender-inclusive language, there exists an idolatry of language and in seeking not to offend anyone in a group so diverse it was difficult to find common ground in anything but ease of offense! For my part, I have come to see Jesus as my spiritual teacher and social justice mentor, and Buddha as providing me a way to work with my mind in a way Jesus doesn’t really address. I do believe we can plumb the depths of two traditions while still dabbling in others – as long as we can say who we are!

      1. Ah. That makes sense. I found myself leading a circle earlier this month at a Unity church and I stumbled over what to call Divine/Spirit/ULFI because I didn’t want to offend anyone but neither do I necessarily use one word alone to describe what some might call “God.” I’m fine with that on my own – I think/say whatever comes to me in the moment but when leading something, I sound like an idiot who doesn’t know her mind and heart. It was an interesting lesson.

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