Cultural Indications of Aging

It’s happened. I swore it never would, but it has. I remember as clearly as if it as just yesterday how disgusted I would get as a teenager when my parents didn’t know what an actor’s name was or hadn’t heard of a song that we played constantly on the radio. I mean, how out of touch can you get? How can one possibly survive without being in touch with the culture?

I now know the answer to that question. I can survive just fine being out of touch with the culture, because the truth is that I couldn’t care less. When I watch American Idol with my wife, often as not I have to  ask her if she has ever heard of the song they are singing. e’s younger than I am, and she listens to the radio. The only time I listen  to the radio is when we are going somewhere in her car. When I am alone in my car, I listen to my Ipod. Strangely, I tend not to buy music I have never heard of to put on my Ipod. Even if I did, I spend more time listening to spiritual podcasts, music, and programs than do listening to the music I do know and like.

Worse yet, I’m not quite sure who Zac Efron is – I know he’s an actor and looks to be about fourteen years old. I don’t know what movies he’s been in and I don’t care. I don’t go to see movies in a theater very often – partly because they are crap, and partly because I just don’t care. I don’t know who is in them, and if I do know, they don’t do anything for me. I get a bigger charge out of sitting at home plucking my leg hair – or something like that.

Best of all, from this side of being out of touch it isn’t distressing at all. In fact, it’s kind of fun! Face it, I am just too cool to care about the culture. If the culture wants me to care, it’s going to have to move me into caring. I’m sure once the powers that be hear about this, they’ll get right on trying to move me. Until then, I’ll be chillin’ in the corner.

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