Boorish Sexuality

I am, and have been for more than two decades, an ally of the LGBT community.  I founded a Church that has as its primary founding focus that we are a radically inclusive Church – a place where all people are not only tolerated but welcomed and encouraged to be fully involved in every corner of the Church including ordained ministry.  My LGBT brothers and sisters helped me though the toughest period in my life, a time when my hetero brothers and sisters ran the other way.  My LGBT brothers and sisters always had my back when I worked in the inpatient mental health field.  If things got violent, my LGBT co-workers were always there while my hetero co-workers – with some notable exceptions – often ran the other way.  I truly love and respect my brothers and sisters of every sexual orientation, and it is in that spirit that I must say to some of you:

If you have to announce in every last Facebook post, every last blog entry, every last Tweet, in fact in every last everything, that you are Gay I encourage you to look at the very real possibility that you are not as comfortable in your own skin as you may think you are.  What makes me say that?  I say that because you are boorish in clubbing people over the head with your sexuality.  In fact, if a hetero individual began every last Facebook status update, every last Tweet, every last everything by writing or saying, “I’m straight,” we would suggest that they were harboring some insecurities about their own sexuality!

If we qualify our every action with a statement about our own sexual orientation then we are diminishing our humanity by reducing it to but one part of ourselves. That’s not a good thing, it’s a tragic thing.  In fact, it is a sign of an unbalanced individual – very often an unbalanced ego – any time one aspect of their being dominates all the others.  Perhaps even more importantly, clubbing others over the head with our sexuality – regardless of what our orientation is – just isn’t interesting.  Unless it is germane to what we are discussion, I don’t care what your orientation might be.  That’s because I do my best to love and accept all people as they are, without qualification or exception.  If you think that swinging your orientation over your head gets you special treatment with me, you are wrong.  I believe in equality, not special treatment.  So please, give it a rest!

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