Japan and Interconnectedness

If there is a positive take away possible from the earthquake, tsunami, and aftermath in Japan, it would be that we might actually see and remember that this incident is clear evidence of the Interconnectedness of everything. Every person, every living thing, even inert materials, are all interconnected. An earthquake and the resulting tsunami has devastated part of Japan. Far beyond Japan, the tsunami caused damage on the west coast of North America and many places in between. As of this writing, at least two of Japan’s nuclear reactors are in partial meltdown, and the world waits with baited breath for the Japanese authorities to regain control of all of their reactors. For the record, the Japanese are among the most responsible nuclear powers in the world and have an unparalleled record of nuclear safety. This situation has developed because Japan experienced not only the strongest earthquake in its history, but also because that earthquake caused a tsunami – something not every earthquake does.

As of this writing nearly seventy countries have offered assistance to Japan. According to Answers.com, there are 196 countries in the world. Many of those countries are so poor that they have nothing to offer in a situation such as this, and many others are part of the developing world and simply lack the technology to offer anything. The fact that more than one third of the world’s nations have offered assistance to Japan is heart warming, indeed, and an indication that beyond all ideologies, beyond all politics, beyond all of the nonsense that normally separates us one from another, human beings respond to suffering of other human beings when that suffering occurs on a large scale. I would suggest that, since we are capable of responding with compassion and empathy to large scale human suffering, we also have within us the ability to respond to all human suffering on any scale.

We have seen a glimpse of the common humanity we all share. We have come to understand through the world wide economic turn down of the last few years that we are all interconnected economically. We recognize, even if we are reluctant to talk about it, that if one or more of these reactors goes into complete meltdown and the containment building fails, many more people will be affected by this disaster. Nuclear fallout is no respecter of national boundaries or ideology. Of course, all sane people hope and pray it doesn’t come to that.

Through this disaster, and without wanting to minimize the tragedy of it in any way, there is the potential for good to arise – if we choose to remember. Will we choose to remember the lesson we have been taught of the Interconnectedness of All That Is? Will we recall that everything on Earth is connected to and affected by every other thing on Earth? Most importantly, will we make decisions based on that knowledge? Will we see the truth that when we declare war on the other, we declare war on ourselves? Will we see that when we deny food or education to one child, we hurt all children?

If we remember, then those who have died will not have died in vain. They will have died changing our world. Let’s all work to ensure that is the case.

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