What is God?

What is God? Please read the question slowly, “What is God,” not who is God. It’s an important question, especially in the oncoming age of spiritual pluralism, which I believe is the spiritual path of the future – thank God!

Is God a person, place, or thing? Is God spiritual or physical, or both? Is God a state of mind, or an experience, or something totally different? If God is a person, do we mean person in the philosophical sense of “a self conscious or rational being,” or in the more common usage of a human being – in the case of God, most often a super human being? Please don’t avoid the issue by saying that God is Jesus, for while you may believe that Jesus is part of the Godhead you most likely don’t believe that Jesus is the entirety of God. Another way to avoid the question is to answer with a function of God, as in, “God is the creator of all that is,” because this tells me what God does, but not what God is.

I believe that how we understand the question “what is God?” to be so foundational to our spiritual journey that we can’t really proceed very far without answering it, despite the fact that many of us have never considered the question. I also believe that our answer to this question may well change over the course of our lives and our journeys.

To help you get closer to the question, you might ask yourself, “Where is God found?” This helps because the kind of thing you are determines where you are found. You don’t find living fish outside of water, at least not for very long. If you say, “God is in the Bible,” then you are either saying that God is in paper and ink or you are answering a related, but different question, “Where is evidence of God found?” which may be interesting in itself but is not our objective here. If you answer is, “God is found in heaven,” you should be prepared to identify where heaven is so that we can investigate for ourselves. If you answer, “God is found everywhere,” then you should be prepared to offer some more precise examples of where I can go to find God.

It’s a very difficult question, isn’t it? Most important questions are difficult. I know what my answer is, but in theory we all could have different answers. I would be curious to know what your answer is, so if you’d like to share it you can email me at ChristEnlight@gmail.com.

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