Universal Health Care and Mental Health Parity

I have been restraining myself, but I can do so no longer. I absolutely fail to see how anyone who considers themselves to be a person of any faith persuasion at all can be opposed to universal health care.

I have heard all the excuses, and to be quite honest every last one is based in nothing but selfishness. I don’t care if it’s not the best plan, whatever plan that will pass is better than nothing and we can work to reform it later. I am absolutely disgusted whenever I hear someone say that some people are not deserving of “free” health care. Can any person of faith really say that anyone deserves to be sick and untreated? Do you realize the implications of such an ignorant statement? Does not every child of God deserve, if only because they are, in fact, children of God, health care? Is your greed, your perceived need for another large flat screen TV, or a bigger home, or a new Lexus, really to be fulfilled at the cost of the health of any human being? Are you so morally bankrupt that you believe that could ever be true?

Maybe you believe that vacuous bimbo Sarah Palin when she talks about “death squads” of physicians as a part of universal health care. Let’s be honest. Sarah Palin would pimp out her grandmother for a chance to lose another election. The only death squads this country ever supported were in Central America under the Reagan Administration and in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo under George W. Bush – both Republicans. None of those death squads ever posed as universal health care. They don’t need to because this country so blindly supports military imperialism that no disguise is necessary.

We also need mental health parity. Mental illness is a medical condition, and as such it needs to have the same insurance benefits as any other medical condition. The barbaric days of chaining the mentally ill in shackles in the basements of “sanitariums” are over. We can be proud that now we let the mentally ill suffer endlessly in their own homes because of obscene limits on mental health insurance coverage that fail to recognize what the medical community has known for decades – that mental illness is a medical condition that is no different than diabetes, anemia, or any other illness. If you claim to believe in a just God, then you had better get consistent really quickly and offer all people who suffer the same opportunity for treatment that every other American has.

If not, you should be honest and admit that you are your own idolatrous god, and all you give a damn about is yourself.. Take heart, though. At the rate things are going when you contract Alzheimer’s and your money is gone you can wander the street pissing your pants. In your rare moment of clarity before your mind slips into total oblivion, you will wish you had supported universal health care and mental health parity when you could. Then you will go back to eating your own fecal matter on the street corner. See? There is justice.

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