Everyone needs the opportunity to go on retreat. If you don’t know what retreat is, it is a focused time of meditation, prayer, and teaching that lasts anywhere from a day to three years or more. Before you close this window on your computer, know that most western spiritual retreats are of the one day to two week varieties. Traditionally, retreats across traditions have been prohibitively expensive. At Christ Enlight we see that as a problem.

I completely understand that if you build a modern, expensive retreat center you need to recover your expenses. I have no argument with that at all. I am also sensitive to the fact that, especially if you are going on a week long retreat, you are using your vacation time to go on retreat. If the retreat is away from home, the cost of travel to the city where the retreat is held is above and beyond the cost of the retreat proper. It doesn’t take long for the retreat to be prohibitively expensive for most working people – and there probably isn’t a discount for your partner should they go with you.

Christ Enlight is working to provide affordable retreats of a reasonable length available to all people. How are we going to do this? We are going to do this by offering several day long retreats on Saturdays throughout the year where participants will bring their own lunch. We will offer a weekend retreat in the Fall with an option to extend that retreat into a four or five day retreat. Details will follow, but all of these retreats will be very affordable and accessible and all will be led by qualified, trained retreat leaders. The presentations during these retreats will be consistent with Christ Enlight philosophy and the groups will be small to afford plenty of opportunity to interact with those teaching the retreat. The good news for 2010 is that if you can afford five dollars you can come on retreat, and your partner can come along for half price.

What could be better?

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