I saw a friend’s comment on Facebook today about health care. They said, “Leave our heath care the way it is………sell you boat, your Harley and all the other toys you have so you can afford heath care and if you don’t, don’t expect a hand out from all the WORKING people in the world!!!!!! . EVERYONE can afford… health care if they need too [sic].

This post, while well intended, is reflective of the problem that so many Americans have in grasping this issue. I was very saddened to hear a debate about health care on one of my favorite podcasts – “The God Journey” about this issue that also reflected the same problem. The problem is that the whole country is not middle class white America.

If you believe that the answer to people who don’t have health care is that they should get a job, you should know that a significant number of this country’s small to mid-size employers do not offer health care – or if they do what they offer is over priced under coverage. If you work for in retail, or for a small construction company, or for a physician, or a host of others you either have no insurance offered, or a ridiculously high deductible ($5000-$10,000), or major medical only, or a similar situation.

If you believe the answer is to get another primary job or a second job, you need to recognize that for many people these options are not viable. They already work two jobs, or they cannot find another job in this economy, or their field of expertise is in a field that simply doesn’t offer insurance from any employer. Most often the rationale is that if you take this action you can buy your own insurance. That is a fallacy for most people. What you can buy is major medical – if you have no pre-existing conditions. Insurance that covers catastrophic illness is great – but most of the average family’s health care expense is not covered by major medical.

If you think the problem can be solved by selling a toy, you aren’t facing the reality that most of the middle class and all of the working poor in this country don’t have a toy to sell. Neither do your parents or grandparents – and they would certainly benefit from universal health care.

If you believe that the proposed plans would take away your choice of physicians or care, you are believing a lie. If you believe that your current insurance company isn’t making your health care choices for you, you are living a fantasy.

If you aren’t moved by the reality that we are the only country in the developed world to not offer health care to all its citizens, I wonder what does move you. I don’t see you complaining about the enormous amount of money being wasted each day in support of the war in Iraq. Why are you OK with killing people but not with saving them?

If you believe that emergency rooms have to treat people even if they don’t have insurance you are misinformed. Emergency rooms have to stabilize people with emergent, life threatening conditions. If you show up with the swine flu, strep throat, a sprained ankle, or other non-life threatening condition they will refer you to a clinic – where you will need insurance.

I want to know just how selfish you have to be to deny health care to a child.

If you think this is about a handout to the unemployed, they already have health care provided to them through Title 19 and similar programs. What we are really talking about is taking care of working people and their children. What we are talking about here is taking care of every person. What caring person could deny someone health care? How can anything be more important to us as a society?

What the hell is wrong with people?

Why don’t you use your insurance to pay for some therapy to investigate why you are bereft of compassion?

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