Christians, Israel, and a Whole Lot of Nonsense

I received a friend request on Facebook (yes, I am on Facebook and I will accept your friend request) from someone who was looking for Christians who support Israel to be their friend. Leaving aside for a moment the shallowness of searching only for friends who support one’s own political position, I couldn’t help but be reminded of how absolutely short sighted, lazy, and frankly ignorant it is for anyone to take a political position because of ancient history. It gets even more absurd when you delve into the reason that certain Christians tend to be violently pro-Israel. The reason, you see, is that they literally believe that in order for the Kingdom of God to be instituted on earth the Temple must be rebuilt. They fail to recognize that those Old Testament prophecies were given at a time when Israel was a theocracy and when it was believed that the Messiah (who is, from a Christian viewpoint, Jesus) would rebuild and restore that theocracy and the military State of Israel. In his very Incarnation Jesus seems to have spent quite a bit of time disabusing the Jewish people he encountered of that knowledge. He repeatedly stated that his Kingdom was NOT of this world – a fact that seems to still escape contemporary pro-Israeli Christians.

Another fact that escapes these small minded politicos is that the Christians in the Middle East are, by and large, Arabs! I’m certainly not suggesting that it is any better to choose one’s friends by their faith than it is by their politics, but the inherent contradiction here is astounding. Christians supporting Israel at the expense of their Christian brothers and sisters because they want what is best for Christians? Are you serious?

Here’s a unique thought for you Christians of every political persuasion: How about we decide we are going to work for what is best for ALL people of ALL political persuasions of ALL faith persuasions? Isn’t that what Jesus would want? If you really read that Bible you spend so much time claiming to support you would see that was the truth.

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