Alleged Pro-Lifers, You Can’t Walk Away From This

I have debated for several days before writing this, but it has to be said. Those who self-identify as pro-life and engage in the rhetoric of that movement share responsibility for creating a cult in which the murder of a physician who is performing a legal procedure not only occurs but is even thought of, no matter how twisted the killer actually may be.

Don’t you see that when you lose your loaded words and stand with your pornographic posters of aborted fetuses that your words and actions can so easily be misinterpreted by someone who will believe that he (or she) is acting on God’s will in committing murder? Are you so blind? Do you not understand your own spin and its effect on people?

Do you not realize that if the money spent on your protests had been spent on birth control and real sex education (the kind that goes way beyond abstinence only) the reality is that the perceived need for abortion would be almost non-existent? Are you so blinded by the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church that you are content to create the environment in which murder can be twisted into “an eye for an eye”? What about you Protestants? Why aren’t you promoting birth control and adequate education? Do you really need a place to vent your anger so badly that is doesn’t matter to you if people murder in God’s Name?

And you hypocrites, chief among them Fr. Frank Pavone, who said: “I join with those voices, as I always have done, that declare that the end never justifies the means, and that violence has no place in the effort to end abortion”, allow me to enlighten you. You created the environment in which this is acceptable. You can try to walk away from it now, but it’s too late.

The time is long past when we start to hold people accountable for their rhetoric. I am an absolute proponent of free speech, but I also am an absolute proponent of the notion that each of us are responsible for our the impact of our speech. If you are really pro-life (and to be quite honest most folks who identify as pro-life are anything but, they are really only pro-fetus) then you need to reexamine your rhetoric. At the front of it must be firm instructions to your followers – every time you speak – that violence is not acceptable. You must educate your followers, you must stop the spin, you must stop the hatred.

You see, you have become what you claim to abhor: Murderers.

2 thoughts on “Alleged Pro-Lifers, You Can’t Walk Away From This

  1. We have a sad case down here in Oz where a middle aged paralyzed patient wishes to die and does not want to be fed.The nursing home he lives in wants a court order to clarify their legal position.The Right to Lifers came out and said the nursing home wants to be given a ticket of leave to MURDER..Siva the destroyer is also the greatest devotee of the Supreme Lord, and the Angel of Death is a messenger from the Most High…Judge and ye shall not be judged!!

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