Who Is God, Anyway?

Who is God? In your heart of hearts, I want you to think about who God is. Is God a person. Forgetting for a moment about all this contemporary talk about a “personal God”, is God a person in the way that you and I are people? Does God have a physical form, and if so where is it located? Is God just beyond the skies with a white beard and sitting on a throne? If so, why haven’t we found him yet with satellites and moon shots and space shuttles?

Is God definable? I suppose we all make attempts to define God, and we all believe we can at least define God in part, but by definable I mean completely definable – can we describe, define, or doctrine God into neatly defined categories?

Is God bigger than our religion, or does religion completely circumscribe God? If we can define God, wouldn’t that make our intellect bigger than God’s? Is the God who is beyond all, who is behind everything from the creation of all that is to the cry of a newborn child easily described in words – or is there a mystery to God and is there truth in the apophatic notion that the more I learn about God the more I realize just how little I know about God?

When Jesus said that the Father is spirit, and the time is coming when those who worship God will worship in spirit and truth, what did he mean?

Ponder these things, because in a few days I will propose an answer.

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