Need A Lifeboat?

Pope Benedryl XVI is following through on his promise to make the Roman Catholic Church smaller and more theologically “pure”. He seems to envision a Church that dwells somewhere in the early 19th century – although that may be a bit to progressive for him. Perhaps the counter-reformation and the Council of Trent would suit him better. Now, of course, I want to begin by saying there is nothing wrong with being a spiritual neanderthal if that is what you feel called to be. There is a whole lot wrong with being forced to become a spiritual neanderthal if you don’t feel called to be one, however.

Spiritual neanderthals, in both their Catholic and Protestant incarnations, care very little about anything other than apologetics and doctrine. Don’t talk to them about Jesus, they have no time for him. I had an electronic conversation yesterday in which I asked a neanderthal of the Catholic variety to show me where Jesus ever said anything that could be considered even remotely in favor of excommunication. He quoted Paul to me – and wasn’t even savvy enough to know that the letter attributed to Paul from which he quoted is regarded by biblical scholars to not be original to Paul at all, but rather to be written by the early Church to tame Paul. When I reminded him that Paul wasn’t Jesus and repeated my request for a word from Jesus he couldn’t come up with anything (because it doesn’t exist) and so he took to attacking my person in an attempt to defend his indefensible position by disqualifying me as an inquirer. In debate circles that is called an ad hominem fallacy. This little neanderthal Catholic is just what Pope Benedryl is looking for – someone who will toe the line and not let the truth get in the way.

I believe that Rat-boy will get what he wants – reiki will be out, habits on nuns will be back in, women will be back in the kitchen where he prefers them, homosexuals (except, of course, for his brother) will be out of the Catholic Church, and a new phase of the Spanish Inquisition will begin. Why do I care? Frankly, I couldn’t care less about what happens to the Church. I do care about the people that will be hurt in the process.

There will be calls to remain within the Church and attempt to fight – but you can’t fight an autocratic system of governance and win. In this case, nothing will work. The Roman Catholic Church as we know it will fade over the next fifty years into a small cloister of irrelevance. Even after Benny and the Jets have passed on, their successors will be no different because they were chosen from sheep of the same stripe. In their wake will lie the very many people they have destroyed along the way.

What’s the alternative? Well, Roman Catholics can remain aboard rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic and hoping the ship won’t really sink. A much healthier place would be to get out now. Go to the UAC, to the Anglo-Catholics, to the Episcopalians, to the Lutherans, to the Methodists, go anywhere – but please, get out now before they destroy your spirit. Move your selves, you family, your religious orders, your priests; move everyone who values freedom of thought and conscience. Move everyone who values Jesus more than apologetics. Move everyone whose Lord is Christ and leave all those who worship the catechism and the Pope behind. They are too far gone, locked in their mode of self destruction, to save anyway.

Here – take this life boat. You are going to need it.

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