Now You’ve Gone Too Far, Rat Boy!

Generally speaking, I have a pretty high regard for Popes. I certainly don’t agree with everything they proclaim, promulgate, or support, but I do respect them as men of great intelligence and faith.

That is, until now. Now, Rat-Boy has gone too far, and I can respect him no more. He lied, and he lied in a way that will be responsible for the death of many Roman Catholic faithful. That makes him a murderer in the same way that the man who drives the getaway car in a bank robbery gone bad can be charged with murder if the gunmen inside kill someone.

“You can’t resolve it [AIDS] with the distribution of condoms,” the pope said. “On the contrary, it increases the problem.”

You can’t be serious, but you are. Never mind what the science says, in your mythical world where fallacious beliefs trump science and where you actually believe that under certain circumstances (although not this one, to be fair) you are infallible, you tell a bald-faced lie that will be responsible for the mindless followers or yours in the developing world who will actually buy your nonsense as truth. The will do this because they trust you and you office – and you have proven yourself completely unworthy of any one’s trust.

Now before you smug, conservative, anti-catholic protestants celebrate too much, realize you are susceptible to the same nonsense. If you doubt that, look at your struggle to hang onto “Creationism” even when science has disproved it – and calling it “science” doesn’t make it anymore valid. Nonsense is still nonsense, even if I call it “nonsense science.”

So on the African continent, where whole generations have been almost extinguished by AIDS and where orphanages are overflowing for the same reason, the pope makes the problem worse. Beautiful. Rat-Boy has made the leap from irrelevant to murderer.

Nice job. I can hardly wait to see your next trick. Genocide, maybe? Oh wait, maybe that’s your agenda in this “Condoms don’t work” ploy. You’d better rethink that one, because the southern hemisphere is the only one you can fool anymore, and if you kill them off who will listen to you? Who will keep filling your coffers?

The Vatican is already spinning this one, just like they have all of his other blunders. I’m not quite sure there is enough spin even in the Vatican to undo this disaster.

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