I have been out of action due to a death in the family, but have returned!

Speaking of family, what is it about a death that brings out the worst in everyone? It never ceases to amaze me that people who could not have given the tiniest little damn about someone while they were alive all swoop down after the person dies and engage in a festival of self deception and, frankly, lies about their motivations.

You aren’t trying to “do something for the deceased” because you now recognize you failed to do anything for them – even spend the smallest amount of time with them – while they were alive. You are trying to control the deceased and those who actually meant something to her – you know, the family she built because the family she was biologically burdened with couldn’t make time for her. You motives are not the least bit altruistic, they are all about greed. How do I know? I know because even when you are told that nobody gives a damn about the contents of her house and you can just take them all out, you still need control and you deny that you want anything.

Fortunately, the universe has a way of balancing things out, and each of you will be the victims of the same kind of heartless stupidity you now engage in – and your memory will be disgraced just like you are trying (but failing) to disgrace your sister’s memory and wishes. You see, the problem you will have is that because you care only about yourselves no one is going to really miss you when you are gone. Take heart, though, your family will still fight to control you after you are gone.

It’s a pathetic excuse for a life, and it is repeated on a daily basis when people pass away. It also represents a failure of religion, which has focused so long on fear and control that it actually encourages this kind of nonsense rather than teaching the reality that God is love – which would clearly also teach that we can’t be in control of anything. Life is lived in letting go, love occurs in letting go. Those who love little only have control to turn to. Not much of a life, is it?

One thought on “Back!

  1. Craig, It is a few who have chosen to try to take control of something. No one can figure out the 'why' of it as it it a reoccurring theme with this group isn't it? If the universe balances things out, then they will not have the upper hand ultimately, no matter what the outcome.God sees all take heart. Thank you for all you do.Judy Muellner

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